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- Mirror - Animate -

Who is your Animated Reflection?

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Mirror - Animate
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- W E L C O M E -

Welcome to mirror_animate, a stamping community in which you may be compared to an Animated Character. There are already two other wonderful Animated Stamping communities out there, animated_beauty and princesscom, that deal with personality and appearance...but this community is based only on your physical appearance and vibe.

....don't be scared or hesitant though. This isn't a "Are you HOT OR NOT?!?" sort of community, not at all. You are only going to be voted on which Animated Character you look the most like. There are quite a few characters on the list as well, so we are positive that there will be at least one character you may resemble. =)

MODERATORS : batkisses - lastunicorn


- R U L E S -

As with all rating communities, this one has a few rules. If you are lazy and think you can just dive right on in, you're wrong! Please read and respect all the rules, they are there for a reason.

1. Read the rules. (Of course.)
2. The application must be behind a LJ-cut.
3. To show you have read the rules, place "Mirror, Mirror" as the Subject. (*For special themes you must indicatd somewhere in the subject that's what you're applying for)
4. Pictures are a requirement in this community. The application asks for at least 3 pictures, but if you only have one, that is fine as long as it is clear. Remember, this is about how you look, so you may post as many photos as you desire. You may also write a bit about yourself so we know exactly who we are rating. =)
5. You may vote on other members...even if you have not submitted an application. However, you are not allowed to make any other posts or apply for the themes unless you are *stamped*.
6. Voting will last for 3 days, unless enough votes are given beforehand. If you do not recieve enough votes within the 3 days, or if there is a tie, the mods shall make a Notice for members to focus on your application.
7. As for the photos...you may dress up or wear as much make-up as you like, as long as you are not dressed up like any of the characters on the list. That means that, yes, Anime/Gaming and other sorts of Cosplay photos are allowed.
8. Once you have been stamped, you will be added to the Members List. At that point, you may participate in the themes and can make other posts. (Examples: If you have photos of certain animated characters or would like to talk about anything related to animation.) Also, you are allowed to post your stamp on your lj or info page...linking back to this community. (Be sure to upload the image to your own server though!)
9. Do not screen your votes. We understand that sometimes copying does happen, but for this community, please leave your votes unscreened.


- M E M B E R S -

1. After you are stamped, please remain active! We've seen so many communities start out well, then decline because members decide not to be active after they have been stamped.
2. When voting, make sure to vote on characters from the list. Also be sure to BOLD your votes.
3. Base your vote on whom YOU feel they most resemble. Do not be a sheep and copy everyone else. (Although, sometimes the character will be obvious and everyone will vote the same.)
4. BE NICE! We will not tolerate any sort of flames or negative comments about other members. The first time it happens, you will be warned, but after that...you're outta here.
5.. You may make posts about Animation, but only after you have been stamped. Cosplay, fanfics, artwork, and anything else is encouraged!
6. When making any post outside voting for an application, please put "STAMPED: Character" in the subject line. (Obviously, replace "Character" with whatever character you have been stamped as!)
7. Re-stamping is allowed TWICE. If you are not happy with your first stamp, please wait at least two weeks before applying for a re-stamp. Some advice: Do not post the same pictures as before. Remember, you were stamped as a certain character with those pictures, and if you are unhappy with that result, try something new. =)

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Just because a person may have brown hair...does not mean you have to rate them as Belle, Kayley, or any other brunette character. Same goes for blonde, auburn, etc. This also goes for skin color and ethincity. (Example: Don't vote every girl with an Asian background as Mulan...) Its usually better to go by the face shape, expression, eyes, and the over-all feel you get from the person by their photos.


- T H E M E -
Note: Themes are only allowed for the members who have already been stamped. If you are interested in the theme, please apply for a regular stamp first!

Current Theme is Ladies of the '80s (Open!)

- S T A M P E D* M E M B E R S (T H E M E S) -

All Stamped Members for the themes can be found here


- C H A R A C T E R S -
Stamps for the characters may be found: here
Update: This should be all of the characters we have available and up to date. If you think anyone is missing, please feel free to suggest her!

Stamps for the current Ladies of the 80s theme may be found: here

All Past Stamps can be found here

* image credit for Alice by batkisses, Jane/Tinker Bell by little_nimue, Incredibles/Sally by gwynethfar, Yocheved by amiasha, and Peter Pan by childdoll & here. Also, thanks to sailor_neptune for helping with many of the other images. =) And many thanks to cestlavenus for the stamps that can be found here - she has made more than one for several of the characters, so if you are stamped as one of these, and are not happy with the stamp the mods provide, please feel free to switch to one of the alternatives


- E X T R A -
ANIMATED COMMUNITIES: animated_beauty - princesscom

AFFLIATES & LINKAGE: If you would like to affliate or do an link exchange with this community, leave a comment here.

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